Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Kartharka from Space! Sword and Sorcery Cartoons under way!

Behold the world of Kartharka!
Seen from space, with the view centered on the Winterlands. Not for navigational use!

This is the first matte for the Lair video.
You should be seeing some sweet sword and sorcery animations coming soon. Well relatively soon. Like most things in Lair, soon is relative.

Not to worry though. More Lairs will be coming along at the same time so you won't have to wait for more great new Lair content while I'm chugging through this one.

For those of you that haven't been checking them out yet the mini Lairs I've been posting also include rules for new weapons, situations, and other things that I come up with that I need for each lair.

So each one is a little rules update for you all! If you've been following the Lair role playing game this is a great way to continue fleshing out your game even if you don't use the Lairs as is.

For those of you keeping track, yes the Lair Soundtrack is still under way, I've got the stuff ready that happens before you  really get down to business, just have to get down to business.

Since that's going to be a while before it's finished and I didn't really feel like waiting till then to start on the animations, I'll be using someone else's music for the first one.
Wanna listen? It's right here Wooden Wives: Raze Yr Children.

Check it out and if you likes it then check out the rest of their stuff, it's pretty darn awesome.

I'm off to do know...stuff.


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