Saturday, 4 July 2015

Cheap clay modeling for 3d dungeons

For all of you who really get behind clay, here's something very special.
My local dollar store has the usual "basic" clay molding and carving tools. For those in the know this means pPopsiclesticks, dental picks and regular craft knives. There are such things as "specialized" miniature clay modelling tools but I can tell you from experience that they don't accomplish anything you can't do with x-acto knives toothpicks and other home made tools.

But I found something exceptionally cool today.
Above you can see a picture of "cupcake decoration tools", for $1.50.
With some amazing round moulders, rakes, fine points and star points as well as a nice half round tool (far right on the picture below) that I haven't seen before.

What a great score. I think I might get around to finally making some clay doors for my demon board today.
Thank you gods of cheapness for awesome dolllar store stuff.

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