Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sorcery Issue Written! (send more ar

The Sorcery issue is written!
Sorry about the wait everyone, took a little time away from hard rules writing to work on all the fiddly and fun bits of the game.
Back on track now.

The issue is entering the artwork stage now.
It's looking like there is alot (I mean alot) of text in this one. it's going to be a long issue. So while there won't be alot of the full page or half page illustrations there will be a ton of spots open for the little pics.

So if anyone wants to draw some little pics, some little demons, sorcerous amulets and wands, spirits and ghosts now's the time to get started.

There will probably be a few spots for some half pages available still but they will be few.

Also if anyone is willing to go full colour go for it. It'll be printed in black and white in the book but might be used on the site in colour or might even end up on the cover if it's truly Rocking!

I've off to go art it up myself so see you all soon!


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