Sunday, 2 August 2015

Game on! The Witch

Got to play Lair with a completely different group of people that the previous campaign.
This time through some king of alignment of fate and luck most of our old group who hadn't played together in about 15 years all got together and played the witch scenario on Saturday.

They began in Stroh Branoch with a simple mission to Gax but thought they would pick up some coin on the way with a quick mission.

They played through the mission very well avoiding the main groups of enemy forces and very matter of factly put the witch down freeing the townsfolk with minimal collateral damage.

Rewards and huzzahs all round.

Not too much to report rules-wise. The ranking system seems to be working well thought the dice were definitely not with the cadre of heroes on this one. The first half rank combat did not go over well with a swarm of angry villagers almost taking the heroes out.

I found that with the new ranking system a half rank of  enemies (a standard encounter)  involved 18 villagers and only 4 heroes. The battle had occurred in an open field that did not allow for alot of tactical movement however with no choke-points so the heroes were forced to run. luckily they were very close to the edge of the board and were able to make a "tactical" retreat.

The heroes also had no access to henchmen for the encounter as the village had been cleaned out already and they, being starting heroes, had no monies to hire them in Stroh Branoch.

The party was also a full group of people playing Lair for the first time and was probably a little used to encountering 1d4 goblins or such as an encounter so were not prepared for the fierceness of Lair combat.

Also got to secure some more players for the online game using we should soon have that up and rolling.

Again the word will go out when that is up and ready to go.

Rock on crazy blood reavers!


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