Friday, 31 July 2015

Still not dead, game on tomorrow!

Good news everyone. Still not dead.
Almost done working on someone else's comic so will be circling back to Lair in time to get the Sorcery issue out.

I'm hoping to have enough time to finish the sorcery issue (no longer forked, sorry the material didn't support it) and the Demon Lord issue out in time to celebrate 1 year of Lair!

Sorry guys but the both the Sorcery and Demonlord issue will be DemonLord material only.

I hope to have those done for the anniversary as I consider issues 1-5 to be the "core" material of Lair which together will form the base of the Lair Adventure Game.

There's still lots more to publish but after the core the issue will be swinging around on to the grand tour of Kartharka with brief stops in the other lands of Kartharka and their contents.

And of course in usual life fashion, after announcing I will be running the game online from now on an entire contingent of players from the past banded together and drafted me into running Lair in real life, with real people and minis. So game on tomorrow (saturday) at noon for all of you who are already in the inner circle.

Rock on Crazy Blood Reavers!


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