Saturday, 26 September 2015

Lair update (spoilers demonlords only)

Are there any heroes in the room? No? Good.
Here you can see some new Winterlands goodness. This little area is the belt of Agamat. Tucked below the valley of fangs area in the Winterlands. Travel beyond Glouston is rare. Supposedly there is a pass through the foothills of Zolar to the lost lands of Brytax. None have travelled to Brytax in living memory but it is said some road wardens still know the way.
The belt has long been held to be an evil place and no normal folk dare broach it's confines. The wall of Glouston though not defended, stands to mark the border between the lands of men and the terrible snowy dark of the wild winterlands.

Now that the Sorcery issue is out this place is going to be crammed full of ghosts,demons, ghouls, zombies and all sorts of evil. The swamps particularly will be inhabited by a loathsome group of undead minions called the Bletch Toads.

Giant undead Toads the height of a man and spew zombie human babies on the heroes, with knives.

More fun coming soon.

Also working on converting the Burrower over to the new format sheets to post here soon.

Happy hunting my Blood Reavers!


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