Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday updates!

With the release of issue 4 we are finally nearing the end. All the rules for Lair are now in your hands. Go forth be free, make up some silly monsters, make up some evil wizards. Me I've got a lot of Villains in mind to populate the Winterlands.
Time to fill in all those little labels and cities on the map, figure just what exactly does lurk in this hole or that one.
The real fun of the game.
And also some personalities, the people of the Witnerlands, the great names on everyones tongue, the names in all the stories and songs. Time to find all those heroes and Villains.

And what then?

Oh so much more The Autumnlands are calling! The steamy Hunzar jungles, and the ragged coasts of the Summerlands, the throne of the Black Emperor, the time of magic and the fall of the Wizards. The great device and the lure of Platinum. All this and more to explore.

I hope you'll all come along with me on that adventure.

Me? I'll be spending the rest of the night with comic books and a spiral notebook, watching monster movies under a blanket. There may be beer, but other than that life doesn't change much when you grow up.

On to adventure my Blood Reavers!


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