Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Thanks everybody!

Well the issues been up for about a day and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming by and taking a peak.
There were some download problems but they are sorted now, notes on the buying page will help with any problems you may have with gumroad.

Also wanted to say Welcome! to new followers of the game who are showing an interest.
We're glad to have you visit the site and hope to keep putting out more for you all.

As always big thanks to +kreg Mosier  for helping to get the word out as always, as well as some fine art for the issue, just fire me an email at the address with your address so that I can send over a free issue.

Same to +Adam Muszkiewicz , your wizards were a fine addition to the book and send me an email with your address to send of your free copy too.

To everyone else, dig into the game! Make it your own, make some demonboards, throw together some lairs, raid the toy box for soldiers and monsters. We've got demons now and we're not afraid to use em!

And what's up for me? Finally getting around to running my own game again. I've got players lined up and ready to go so hopefully we'll be on to regular games once again!

Here on the site I'll be posting some more fun stuff as we ramp up to issue 5. Where Demonlords get some templates, tips and other stuff for making Lairs.

But done't wait till then, start scribblin today, and I definately want to see your Lairs. And your Demon boards, and toys.

Let's have some fun while we get the next issue going since We're officially in the Halloween season now. Let's get some spooky games of Lair going with some ghosts and goblins, demons and wizards!

Rock on, in a majestically spooky fashion!


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