Monday, 19 October 2015

Giant Ants!

It's still Halloweeny time and still finding all sorts of great things at the dollar store. This package above is one of them.
100 ants! It's hard to tell from the pic but they are regular size ants to you and me. and look pretty good.
But to our intrepid heroes they are...

Giant Ants!

I like just throwing them at the party loose but they can be a little tricky to move around so....

Grab the old demonboard stamper. If you don't have one yet you can learn all about how to make them in issue 1 of the LoSS (Lair of Sword and Sorcery) adventure game. Get your copy here. There's a pay what you want option.
Just make up some 1 inch squares of bristol board, stamp em up and glue 4 to 5 ants on each one.
Now you've got ants swarms.


You can either use your ants singly or in swarms.

Single ant:
The stats of a single ant are negligible but once they start to surround a hero things can very bad for them very quickly.
Ants move 2 squares a turn. You can have up to 4 ants in a square at once.
Ants do not roll for attack or damage. Instead simply take the number of ants attacking the hero, subtract the heroes armour and that's how much damage the hero takes.
When the heroes attack the ants they do not roll to hit or damage. They instead roll 1 die, add their attack bonus, and that's how many ants they kill.
The rank of a group of ants is equal to the number of ants divided by 2.

Ant Swarms:
Use these for when you want more of a "standard" encounter.
Attack: 0
Endurance: 5
Damage: 0
Move: 2

These swarms are less dangerous than groups of single ants.
They move and attack as a single group. Each of the Endurance points represents 1 ant. For each endurance damage caused 1 ant is removed from the swarm. They attack and defend as normal.

Special attack: Insect bites
When the ants attack the hero gets no benefits from their armour. The ants are small enough to crawl over the heroes getting into their armour and clothes.

Now get thee hence and grab some ants while you can and set them loose on your own heroes!



  1. I was just looking at the dollar store Halloween catalog, and yeah, it had LOSS written all over it... :)

  2. Oh most definately. I originally made the demonboard to use in my D&D 1st edition campaign.
    I was broke but definately wanted a "battlemat" of some sort to use for my game. So off to the dollar store I went.
    That campaign was in kartharka as well. I was originally just going to publish the instructions for the Demonbard and the Kartharka background as an Osric compatible release but I found that D&D just wasn't giving me the kind of fun I was looking for.
    Then I picked up some DFC toys from the 80's just for fun.
    I put them on the demonboard while I was trying to come up with some new adventurees for my players.
    That was when I suddenly decided I just didn't want to do the whole D&D thing anymore. I realized that I just wanted to make up cool advnetures without worrying about experience points, encumbrance, balanced adventures, leveling, and all that stuff.
    Sure I could have just hacked D&D to make it the way I wanted but it turned out it was easier just to make my own game from scratch.