Tuesday, 20 October 2015

"Jenga" blocks and the Demonboard

Some of you may have been using the standard Demonboard for some a little while now. You may be using it with your games of LoSS (The Lair of Sword and Sorcery Adventure game) or perhaps as a 3d dungeon in your own fantasy roleplaying games. 

If you haven't heard of the Demonboard you can learn how to make your own by downloading issue 1 of the LoSS game here.

For those of you already on board with demonboards I present the next great item in your 3d dungeon arsenal. Jenga!. Or in this case the dollar store version "Tumbling Tower". For a mere $3 you get...
Well a heck of a lot of wooden blocks!

Just look at them all. These ones measure about 3 inches by 1 inch by a half an inch. And just what the heck are we going to use all these blocks for? For EVIL! And making Lairs.

Here we see soma basic use of the blocks. While the Demonblocks described in issue 1 are easy to make and look great, you can't get much quicker than instant blocks, and that's just what you get.

Here we see the blocks on their side to form walls for our Lair. It looks like our heroes have found an innocent giant spider and are proceeding to give it "the business"!

You see that one block on its side in the picture above? Sometimes your lair walls aren't in lengths easily divided by 3 so you can stick a block in sideways like this to take up just a single square. Not extremely elegant but it gets the job done.

On second thought the spider doesn't look so innocent.

But simple walls are not all you can do! Let you imagination run wild, here you can see the blocks forming an altar surrounded by 3 large creepy looking structures. This can make for cool looking room without any effort at all. 

All these extra features also serve as great tactical terrain for a lair. Allowing heroes to sneak around pillars, jump across an altar, or knock these giant structures over. The more interesting the rooms are the more interesting the encounter will be if it comes to combat.

Once you start thinking in 3D you can come up with all sorts of interesting areas for the heroes to plunder. above and below you can see a series of linked platforms with steps leading up to them. This can leads to great multilevel fight scenes that you can set up in an infinite array of different configurations. The only limit is your imagination! 

So let your heroes loose in a lair full of adventure. Don't let yourself be limited to plain flat dungeons and lairs. Now your villains can command them minions from stepped platforms with their minions firing at the heroes from one level as other close in with their clubs on another.

Thrill as the heroes actually use their ropes for something other than climbing out a pit trap!

Cheer as they topple a pillar on the fierce monsters.

Wail as the the platform opens to reveal a multileveled chamber of death!


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