Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ramps and Multilevel Lairs with a Demonboard

Hail hearty adventurers and Demonlords!

Above we see a major problem which occurs while designing your Lairs. On your map you have a tunnel which goes above or below another tunnel. But since our Demonboards are flat what you get when you try to lay it out on the Demonboard is shown above. A tunnel apparently going through another tunnel. 

Well we can't have that, so this series is to show you all how to make ramps, so that your tunnels may pass each other without intersecting.

(If you haven't learned all about the wonders of  Demonboards yet then download issue 1 here.)

The easiest ramps are made with a sheet of bristol board. paint up a sheet of bristol board like you see below. Use your stamper just like you would while making the floor of your Demonboard.

Next cut out a strip of squares, 2 squares wide by about this long (see above)

Now just fold that bad boy up like you see above. You'll need a platform in the middle, a ramp on each side, and a short flap at the end.

Then just place it over the corridor like so. now it looks like one passage goes over the other. Now miniatures can be placed on top of the ramp so that they can move along the passageway.

But there are other ways as well. You can just cut out a platform. Like the one above.

Stack up a few demonblocks on the sides of the passage.

Just like this.

Now place the platform on. This should be sturdy enough if you only use plastic miniatures or toys.

For something sturdier you can use a couple of jenga blocks, these should support your heaviest lead!

You can place the platform on top if you want it to look a little nicer.

Or if you never got around to making Demonblocks at all you can use all Jenga Steps!

I hope these tips help you in making your Lairs more interesting. With passageways snaking all the way across the board without intersecting each other you have far more freedom in your room placement.
In future published Lairs, especially in issue 5, you'll be seeing alot of these ramps used, they can be used to give great control over how the heroes encounter rooms.

These tips should help you take your Demonboard to even greater heights of adventure than ever before!


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