Sunday, 15 November 2015

Almost there...issue 5 Lairs!

Photo shoot

Pictures are bopping along, got some taken yesterday in between chores but haven't got the cover shot I'm looking for yet.

I'm still hinting for players for the online game of LoSS. Saturday Noon, AST
You can find it yourself on as "Kartharka",
Or you can send me your email and I'll send an invite. My email is

Apparently most of regular players are Meatspace only people and aren't too interested in playing online.
So that means I need you! The fans of the game or at least the moderately interested.
Join the game for a week, There's no commitment required, think of it more as a regular pick up game at the local game store.

Other odds and ends

Animations: No time to work on the animations, sorry too much other awesome stuff happening with the game.

Soundtrack: Ditto on the soundtrack for now. I'm just having too much fun writing content now, but in the future, yes someday.

The Lair synth: This one was actually dead in the water but got revived. Huzzah

LoSS Miniatures: This project is actually back in the active pile again. Was able to overcome a few obstacles and this is looking like a possibility. Sadly this one does depend on some outside resources so a timeline is just impossible to track, but someday. someday.

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