Friday, 13 November 2015

Issue 5 chugging along!

Lairs! has been in the percolator long enough, time to get down to business!
Not much art to go in this one as it's mostly just Jam packed with templates.
Got a photo shoot planned for the weekend for the cover and a couple of interior shots so we should be in layout by next week!

It's a bit exciting but a bit daunting to be reaching the end of the core releases.
By the end of the month I should have the complete LoSS game in print!

So for all of you waiting till the game is complete to get on board...Your time has come.

Follow the blog here or on G+ to hear when the release is finally available.

And the future?

Oh wonderful things!

I have one large story ready to go as well as another large one in the works, both in the Winterlands and including new enemies rules and places.

After that will be a series on the world of Karharka, likely an issue for the whole world and one for each of the Winterlands, Autumnlands and summerlands.

The fabled Mage wars will also be discussed in an issue along with all the details of Magic in the World of Kartharka.

Other than those topics it's up to the players to decide what else is coming. Depending on what they do and where they go. Those things will all be explored in the blog and future issues.

So if there's anything you would like to see in future issues, let me know.
Comment on the blog, on G+ or send an email to

ps. upgraded to windows10 and edge (the new windows explorer) does not play well with blogger, but is pretty fast with google plus, where I've seen chrome slow to a crawl depending on what's in the feeds.


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