Monday, 23 November 2015

Issue 5 and a package deal!

Issue 5 has arrived!

Well LoSS has officially made it. The Lair issue is available for all!
Buy it here:  LoSS Hardcopy Prints

For those of you just hearing about it, Lair of Sword & Sorcery (or LoSS) started about a year ago and has been published one glorious chunk at a time.

A game of Sword & Sorcery adventure in a land of Ice and Snow. Thrill as your heroes battle through hordes of enemies, or twist their way through the treacherous tunnels of the Winterlands.

The Lairs issue pulls together the last little bits of the game with rules and guidelines for creating your own campaigns and adventures for LoSS (Stories and Lairs in the LoSS parlance).

I hope you all enjoy the finished LoSS product as much as I did.

But that's not all!

Special Package Deal

Now that the game is complete I'm starting up a package deal where you can order all 5 issues of LoSS for only $26.00 including shipping (you save $16.50 wow!)

Pay what you want pdfs

As usual you can get the pay what you want pdf's here: Get LoSS on Gumroad

Thanks everyone for this wild ride.

There's still openings to play in the LoSS homegame on Roll20, just send your email into and I'll get you set up.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen in the great communities here on google+



  1. Love your stuff and I'm thinking about your package deal. I see that the currency stated is Canadian and I'm in America. Is there an extra shipping fee involved?

  2. +Bert Isla, no extra shipping fee to the United States, it's all included in the price, Welcome to the world of Kartharka i hope you like what you see!