Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What's next? Adventure!

The last issue of the core game is out and now the LoSS core is complete.
But what now?

Now it's time to start filling in all the corners.
I have some adventure cooked up in Brytax,

I have some interesting things going on in Stroh-Branoch that people need to hear about.

And what's with Platinum anyway? What does the Emperor do with it all?

Plus it's finally time to visit the rest of Kartharka, those Hunzar jungles have been calling ever since I put them on the map!

So I'm going to relax for a while and do alot of adventure writing. For the next couple of months you'll be mostly seeing stuff appear on the site instead of in a new issue.

Keep an eye on the site and don't worry if you step away, the important stuff will go up in the articles of Interest section.

Now that the core rules are done I've been trying to scrape together a regular game of LoSS instead of the haphazard playtesting gatherings we usually have. But it's been rough going.
I've heard that this is a very hard time of year to get new players, with even established games going on hiatus for the last 2 months of the year as everyone enters Holiday Madness.

Well I plan to soldier on! I'll be here in the Dm's chair every other week, I hope you'll join me for a game, even if it's just to check it out for one session. Or if you're the only one there I'll gladly chat for a while, help you create a hero, or just answer questions about the game.

Or you can tell me about what you're doing with the game, your Kartharka. It's your time after all.

So send a mail to spookyroomproductions@gmail.com and I'll get you set up with an invite or you can join through Roll20.net, just search for the keyword "Kartharka", you'll find me.


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