Saturday, 16 January 2016

Loss Core rules, lots of changes

Here's some thoughts of the day kind of stuff for the near future of the Core rules.

I decided to switch the Core rules printed copies over to Drive Thru RPG a while back. 

I'm still printing and shipping them myself at the moment, you can get them here (buy Loss Hardcopies).

When I made that decision I started thinking about whether they should be available separately or compiled into a single volume.

Then I started thinking about maybe reorganizing the material for the single book so That all of the combat would be in one section, all of the lair stuff in another etc.

Then I actually started editing all of that material, reorganizing it and editing it.

I found that if I was going to go through all the trouble I should rewrite a few sections and expand a few little things.

Well it has grown a heck of a lot from there in the past week alone, and is going to take far longer than I thought so my plans have changed.

Publishing schedule (tentative) for Loss in 2016

  1. The sorceress of Zhann Lair to be published in the "Free Lairs" section of the website
  2. Pay what you want pdfs will be compiled into a single download and switched over to DriveThru This will be the first 5 issues, just as they look now (available thru gumroad here)
  3. Print copies of the first 5 issues will be dropped from the Lair of sword and sorcery site. At this time the first 5 copies will be available as a black and white hardcover through DriveThruRPG. There will be no changes or updates or reorganizing of this file, just the first 5 issues all strapped into one hardcover book. Which should be pretty neat.
  4. Issue 6 of the magazine, the Brytax campaign will be published. Pay what you want pdf and print copies to be available throught Drive Thru RPG
  5. Issue 7: The autumnlands will be published. A guide to adventure in the autumnlands including the mysterious Hunzar jungles (pwyw and print through DriveThuRpg)
  6. Issue 8: The far North: A larger campaign with the heroes travelling to the top of the world to the seat of Hein-Goblyn itself.(pwyw and print through DriveThuRpg)
  7. Core Rules Redux: The core rules will be compiled edited and expanded.(pwyw and print through DriveThuRpg)
That should take us through the year, with a few more free lairs published on the site, lots more rules as they crop up, and plenty more background rules and info for the world of Kartharka all appearing on the site as we go.

I'll be putting alot of work into the demonboard this year but all of that will be going up on the site, if it gets a little unwieldy to keep in the articles of interest section you'll see a new section open on the site just for the Demonboard.

Patience my Blood Reavers, new content coming soon!


  1. For some reason, when I try to buy the package with the 5 issues it just gets me to paypal with no transaction.

    Is there any way I can buy them still for 30 dollars?

    1. Thanks for letting me know. The button code wasn't working anymore. Happens way too often with paypal.
      It's working fine now. Shipping only to Canada and the states though...