Thursday, 14 January 2016

Questions and Answer time!

Still editing out the LoSS compilation books.
My sword and sorcery roleplaying game has been growing for over a year and I'm noticing some gaps in the content of little things here and there.
Things that I say I will discuss more fully in a later issue and haven't actually got around to doing yet.

My questions to you are...

1 Are there any rules in LoSS that you don't understand and need clarifying in the compilation
2 Is there anything you feel is missing from LoSS to make it a "complete" game for you.
3 Is there any areas in the world you feel need more expanding to make the world "ready" for play.
4 Has anyone tried making their own demonboard and have any questions?
5 Have you tried to sit down to play LoSS and just didn't know where to start?
6 If you did play is there anything you changed for your own game?

Thanks to all you Blood Reavers for the continued support!

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