Monday, 4 January 2016

Making Crates for your 3d Dungeon or Wargame

I'm currently working on an adventure and realized I need a bunch of crates and furniture for this one.
I could just cut out a bunch of squares and rectangles out of card but I thought I'd go all out for these ones since they'll get used a lot.

Crates are super easy to make once you know how.

First get yourself a couple of bags of these....

You can get 42 wooden cubes for a dollar at the dollar store! You're already halfway there!

Next paint them all black.

Now you need to make yourself a stamper. You can find out all about making stampers in issue 1 of sword of sorcery, download all the issues here.

This is a fairly simple stamper, just a thin rectangle on each edge, a diagonal crossbar and some more planks on the inside.

Now load up your stamper with a light beige to represent your wood color and stamp every side of the crates. 

Here's what you get!

I undercoated the cubes, made the stamper and got all the sides stamped while watching a movie so they really don't take long at all. If you do enough of them at a time the first ones are dry by the time you loop back around to them to do their second side.

As you can see they look just fine and are a lot quicker and cheaper than printing off cardstock printables and cutting, folding and gluing them all.

I hope you all can find a use for these guys.


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