Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sorceress of Zaan, Weekend Update.

The Sorceress of Zaan

The sorceress of Zaan adventure is growing.
I thought this would be a quickie but it grew pretty big pretty quick.
There's a lot of text in this one so I'll likely put it up as a PDF download instead of the usual page scans.
Or I may bundle it with the other freebies as the next issue, a collection of adventures for the Lair of Sword & Sorcery adventure game.

Injection Molder

I may have some more progress on the injection molder by the end of the weekend but it's a pretty tight schedule for the weekend so we'll have to wait and see.

Issues 1-5 Core compilation

The print edition of the compilation of the first five issues is taking a little while to pull together. The sorcery issue needed to be reworked for a smaller page format as well as for printing in Black and white. In black and white the full color Sorcery issue turns into a collection of various grays which are difficult to read.
I'm working through it a page at a time to get it into shape, shouldn't be too much longer.

LoSS Core Redux

Work continues on the complete Core rule book. It's still in the editors hands going through it's first reorganization. Then many many rewrites and additions. This ones' on the far far horizon.


I've been thinking about selling the compilation and other titles through Lulu as well as DriveThruRpg, just to better serve my the fans in places other than Canada and the States.
If you'd be interested in getting your books through Lulu send me a message at and if I get enough requests I get that moving sooner rather than later.

Back to work for me but hope you all have an adventurous weekend my Blood Reavers!


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