Saturday, 13 February 2016

Long time no see!

Sorry it's been so quiet the few weeks.
The injection molder took up a lot of time (Another failure, such is life, moving on to Mark IV)
Work is looking to be a little...hectic...for the next couple of months.
And not much light on the horizon. Sorry folks.

In positive news I'm just waiting for the proof copy to arrive from DriveThruRPG for the LoSS 5 issue compilation.

Once that's approved all the print copies of the game will be moving to DriveThruRpg.

I'm still debating but it may end up on Lulu as well for cheaper shipping to those folks outside of Canada and the States.

The Sorceress of Zhaan is still in the works for Issue 6 along with some supporting articles for the world of Kartharka. If room permits one or more of the free Lairs will get the fancy publishing treatment for inclusion in the book.

Have fun everyone, It's the weekend, no need to worry about work till Monday.


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