Sunday, 6 March 2016

Not Dead yet!

Sorry everyone about the lack of updates for the last month or so. Real life is rearing it's ugly head and intruding on my little universe here.

But for the moment all seems to be at least OK so I'm back.

But it hasn't been all wasted time.

Injection Molder

One of the big things grabbing attention was work on the injection molder, my three year mission is finally approaching completion as I've given up and called in some reinforcements.
Time wasn't spent so much gathering supplies and tools but on poring through many many manuals on machining steel.
Now we're just waiting for the post office to drop off some tools and the build can begin!

Core Rules Compilation

Work on the print version of the rules compilation was what took the other big chunk of time, unfortunately it turned out to be wasted time.  Sorry guys it will be a long time before print copies will be available from Drivethru, likely not until the new version of the rulebook is completed sometime in the Winter.
But print copies are still available here on the LoSS site (Buy LoSS Prints)

Core rule-book redux back from the editors

I've gotten the thumbs up from by fantastic editor on the Core Rulebooks rewrite.
All completely reorganized now it's time to dive in and rewrite all the content in the new edition.
After my experience with DriveThrus preview copy of the compilation it is pretty apparent I will have to redo most of the art in the book, 

Which is just fine with me, and if any of you would like to donate some art to the book throw it on in. I can't pay you a thing but don't worry, you likely won't get any exposure either.

Sorceress of Zhaan issue

Issue 6 is puttering along nicely with lots of new background rules and adventures for the LoSS game. This one hasn't gone into design yet so I'm hoping I can get it up on DriveThru. I'm thinking it will be a stapled booklet with card cover like a classic OSR adventure.

But wait there's more!

Lot's of little things are still being contemplated,
I still can't seem to get a regular LoSS game going but it's been awhile since I was able to schedule any time for it.So I'm thinking about putting together a few one-shot games so that people can try out the system and have a little fun. If you have a group of players and want to try it out then send me a note with when you would to play at

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