Friday, 26 February 2016

Weekend Update...Finally!

Whooh it's been a wild few weeks, but not here on the Loss hub, on the hub it's been tumbleweeds and crickets.
Suffice to say a few things came up that took up all my attention for the last few weeks but good news abounds finally.

Issue 6: The Sorceress of Zhaan

The next issue is well under way, Issue 6: The Sorceress of Zhaan is well in the works.
It's definately not what I would call a typical LoSS adventure but it happened to be the next one I was working on so there you go.

Also included are alot of articles on the Winterlands which pertain to the Adventure.
Lots of Winterland background is going into this one and it takes place in bustling  Stroh-Branoch, center of the Valley of Fangs.

In this issue is also an article on "sneaky things" lockpicking, sneaking, stabbing your enemy in the back when he's not looking, all those fun things that you do instead of just charging in. It's all here. Mostly because the Sorceress adventure lends itself way to a bit of subterfuge.

I'm also working on a massive custom Demonboard for that this one and the build details and photos will all be included.

Injection Molder

After way too many years of messing about with hand tools and scraps from around the house I'm giving in and just going for it!  I've got some good steel mill stock winging it's way to me and now have access to a Drill press and Metal lathe. this thing is getting done this time!

Convention Time

On May 21st LoSS is headed to the East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton! All the issues will be for sale there as well as any original art from the game.

Yeah it's a little weird that the convention debut of LoSS is a comic con and not a gaming con but what are you gonna do? That's how schedules go.

LoSS core Reprint collection 

Any day now my review copy of the collection of the first 5 issues of LoSS will arrive in the Mail. As soon as it does we should be good to go to sell the print copies through DriveThruRPG.
The pwyw pdf is already there and yes I would love a review on DriveThru if any of you have a couple of minutes.LoSS on DriveThru

Rock on Blood Reavers and hope to see you in May.


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