Friday, 15 April 2016

Drive Thru RPG and LoSS

You might have noticed some activity over at DriveThruRPG on the Spooky Room Productions page.
I'm in the process of uploading all the issues as separate files in their original format as I was never completely happy with the compilation file.
Since the compilation file will not be going into print (don't get me started on why) I'm going to be taking it off once all the issues have made it through the approval process.

Next up, heading over to Lulu to get all the issues set up there as pdf downloads, and maybe even getting the print versions working over there.

The Sorceress of Zhaan has also returned from the editor and will be going into layout soon, but first I have a pile of minis to paint and a huge dungeon set piece to finish up for the issue. It's coming along pretty well though. Soon...Soon....

Also off to the workshop tomorrow for some more work on the Injection molder, soon my miniature armies will be on the march!

Happy weekend my Blood Reavers!


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