Saturday, 16 April 2016

Kartharkan Minis draw ever closer....Injection Molder super progress

Yep I've been in this same place before, but this time...It's really going to work.

Since Ive finally broken down and started using the family workshop, I'm finding all sorts of things in there. So progress on the injection molder is actually,..progressing.

Popped in today and have finished the heating chamber and the injection shaft, even got to use the milling attachments today to finish that one off instead of spending a weekend filing the thing.

Along with the nozzle and the shaft support already done that means I'm done the machining stage! Since all the machining was the stuff I've never done before it was the big questions mark hanging over the project, well success on that front.

Now just have to build a new body for the beast. All steel this time, why not?
With access to the drill press and the cutter/grinder this should move along pretty quick. I've already built three of these before, they're the easy part.

Still only get a few hours each week to work on it though so it will still be awhile till complete.

Wish me luck!

Also on the book front...

I've got all the separate issues uploaded to Drive Thru RPG, the compilation pdf will be coming down once they are all approved for sale.

I'm also waiting on file conversion over at to try to get a print version of the Compilation working over there. Better for the international customers anyway.

Hard copy versions of the first 5 issues are still available for order here until  can get Lulu or Drive Thru Sorted out.for print copies.

On that note a few of you were good enough to donate a few bucks for the pay what you want downloads, thanks much guys! Now I can afford to get a preview copy of the compilation from Lulu, Nice and muchly appreciated.

Sorceress of Zhaan is also back from the editors but will have to wait for layout while I paint miniatures, seems weird but that's the way it is, it's all connected, in beautiful circle of gaming life.

Rock the weekend hard Blood Reavers!


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