Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Quick update on LoSS

Another quick update so you all know I aint dead!

Sorceress of Zhaan

Sorceress of Zhaan is coming along. Still modeling and painting miniatures but the issue has gone into layout. Trying out some different templates and haven't decided which to use, still futzing around with font size.

LoSS compilation at Lulu

The Lair Compilation over at Lulu (buy it here) came in the mail this morning and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. No glaring pdf errors, good paper and nice binding. So if you've been looking for a print copy of the compilation head on over.

Complete LoSS Rule book

Writing continues on the massive rewrite and redesign of the the LoSS rule book. This one is still looking like a far horizon type project but it's coming along little by little.  Might be this year or might be next year. Until then you should definitely continue to use issues 1-5 as your LoSS rule base or the compilation.

Injection Molder

Progress is really flying on this one.
All of the pieces for the body have been cut and it's ready to assemble the next time I can schedule a trip to the shop. Still lots of welding and adjustments to do, then wiring the whole thing and installing the heaters timers and thermostat but this one is definitely pushing forward. Miniatures will be Marching by Summertime with this one if the build goes well.

And that's it, sorry no exciting pictures or content to show off this week, just a lot of partially done stuff all fighting it out for dominance.


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