Saturday, 30 April 2016

Weekend Update! but still no pics (surprises coming)

The Sorceress of Zhaan motors on!
I've got rough layouts and illustration lists finished but I'm likely going to do a full redesign before getting to the end.
The fonts I was in love with just didn't come together on the page the way I hoped.

I'm also still torn about font size, waffling back and forth on that one.
I went through a bunch of old game books and noticed that from the 70's to the present font size keeps getting bigger and bigger, with modern books seeming to be set anywhere from 14 to 16pts for regular text.

Meanwhile flipping through stuff from outside of gaming like magazines and textbooks font size is shrinking with some magazines running from 6 to 8pts for regular text.

But back over to novels we see the font size growing as well.

I was most shocked when going back to reread Warhammer fantasy battles 6th edition. The book itself is a monster compared to the 3rd edition size, but when you check out the font it's massive.
This also means that the rules are spread out much much more, meaning that a simple set of rules for moving stretches past 6 or 7 pages, making it hard to find something specific, and the heading have to be way larger as each tiny subsection seems to take multiple pages and so you need the big headings for every section to both find something quickly, and to have them visually much larger than the giant text.

The same rules were also printed in a pocket version that was only about an inch and half thick and about the size of a half a page (If I'm remembering correctly, it was about a decade ago), but with a smaller type size that I remember being quite readable.

So how bout you readers? Since you'll be the ones reading the book what do you think of font size and do you prefer extra large text or smaller text? You're the one in charge so I'll leave it up to you so I don't have to keep flip flopping over it.

Cast your vote in the comments below!


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