Thursday, 9 June 2016

New Art for the Sorceress issue!


New Art for the Sorceress issue!

I know it's been real quiet on the Hub here for the last month or so. After all the big announcements it would seem that I disappeared.

But no! I've been penciling all the illustrations for the next issue, and it's going to be a great one.
After my round up of art programs Manga Studio won by far. All the other ones had great tools but being able to organize all the illustrations into one "issue" file was a huge time saver. 

I was also looking for a way to get the art done a little faster in the future and Manga Studios automated toning system is definitely the way to do it. As someone who hand cut halftones in way back in the 90's I was stunned at how quick it was.

This issue is also digitally inked in Manga Studio as well. Great pen tool and the stabilization features really help to keep the lines on track. There's lot's more art coming so keep on checking back!


Rock on my Blood Reavers! LoSS still lives!


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