Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Quick update, busy busy.

Just a quick update so you all know that I'm not dead.

What's up in the world of LoSS at the moment?

Lair Redux Core Compilation rulebook

Still in the writing stage. There is a lot that I am adding to the compilation rulebook for this edition but it all needs to be written first, I'm tackling that on section at a time but it's getting done.

Issue 6 Sorceress of Zhann

Issue is written and laid out.
Art is chugging along for this issue, and there's alot of it!
Almost finished the big set piece for this one as well.
Still have miniatures to paint for this one.
Then on to the soundtrack, some filming and editing and it'll be in your hands. I hope the wait will have been worth it.

The LoSS miniature line

On hold till this next issue is out. My hopes are to launch the fist minis by the fall convention schedule but that may be a bit premature.

LoSS soundtrack

The first LoSS soundtrack will be included in the Sorceress of Zhaan issue, Anyone looking to get included can send their music to: spookyroomproductions@gmail.com

The LoSS synth

No time, no money, no progress yet. I'm hoping to get at least the Control voltage module and Oscillators up and running before the end of the year.

The LoSS homegame

Classic story, conflicting schedules, kids, work, people not available on the same day etc. Roll 20, while helpful was not able to overcome scheduling problems.

But all is not lost! I'll be moving the game out of the house and off the interwebs and into the local game store. I'll be running LoSS in public for real people in real life, coming as soon as the Zhaan issue is finished up.

The LoSS Roll20 demo game

Once the Zhaan issue is done I'll be starting up another game on Roll20. The LoSS demo game will be open to all who want to drop in and see what the game is all about, ask questions about the game, or just hangout.
The first hour or so will be devoted to just hanging out and Q and A about the game, and if anyone feels like sticking around to play we'll jump in.

So yeah, lot's going on, the biggest issue ever is creeping closer to done, and lot's of even bigger things on the horizon, long live LoSS.


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