Thursday, 7 July 2016

LoSS and OSR Compatibility

As the Sorceress issue creeps ever closer to done I'm thinking alot about the next issue: Brytax.

An adventure and Gazeteer to a little chunk of the winterlands not often travelled. The nature of the area lends itself well to a little bit of hex crawly type action as the heroes try to find the road to Brytax.

As I was thinking about this and all the things I would throw in there I thought that this might make a good OSR product as well.

What I would love to know is: If I'm adding stats and rules for a system other than LoSS to the encounters, which would you prefer to see.

I'm leaning towards BEDM/cyclopedia cuz that's my thing but I was wondering if anyone would prefer Osric compatible?

Please comment if you have any preferences.


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