Monday, 11 July 2016

Music time! Late Weekend update.

Working on the soundtrack for Issue 6 now!

Nice to be back in the studio again!
Once that's done it's on to photography and film.
Then back into layout to finish all the little fiddly bits and on to the cover!
I'm always loathe to slap a date on it but summertime is definately looking good for a release date.

Sorry about the lack of new releases so far this year, lots happening in the first of the year.

Work had a few "glitches" to iron out in the first quarter.

The transistion to print copies on Drive Thru RPG did not got as well as planned (get your print copy at Lulu here) That ate up a lot of the first of the year.

That led to working on the Lair Core Rules rerelease, which led to a rewrite of all the rules and background information and grew into a whole thing of it's own. It's creeping along as well but will likely be next year minimum before it see's light of day.

And so on...

So lot's happening just not alot of "releases".

But Sorceress is winding down and Brytax is winding up.

Brytax is going to be a more "traditional" release.

It will include a "wilderness" map of the area between the heroes and Brytax.
It will also include a Campaign like story with a few Main adventures weaving through the story and many optional encounters along the way. The heroes are free to continue with the main story if they wish or leave it at any point along the way.

Also to be in this issue will be the extended Veteran Point rules. They're useful for so much more than just buying skills!

So rock on my Bloodreavers! more coming soon!

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