Tuesday, 11 October 2016

2 Years of Lair of Sword and Sorcery!

That's 2 skulls in the Bucket folks, and many more to come!

That's right, it's that time again, Lair of Sword and Sorcery has been tearing along for 2 whole years!
Somehow it seems much longer, but in a good way. So much has happened over the last year I can't believe I squeezed it all in!

And here's the stats for year 2!

2 Years
220 posts
6 issues of LoSS magazine
1 Soundtrack
1 video
7 pay what you want pdfs available on Drivethru rpg
I compilation available from Lulu
981 downloads from DriveThru RPG
69 downloads from Gumroad
2 Conventions in 2016

My Booth at impossible Realities here in town.
Just look at all the things you could have had for $0 shipping if you lived in Saint John!
Demon blocks and Demon Boards for sale, Along with card walls, postcards, prints, pads of Lair templates and so much more!

What does the future hold?

So much more of the same.

Brytax and the OSR setting thing are on hold barring some bit of doodling here and there with ideas.

And why is that?

Because I've been nose to the grindstone working on the revised and updated rules for LoSS.
I'm compiling and rewriting all the rules from the first 5 core issues of LoSS into one easy to read (and understand) book.
Book 1 will contain just the rules. It's already up to 130 pages of expanded and revised stuff and there's no table, diagrams or illustrations in it yet!

Book 2 will be the world of Kartharka background stuff but since that is well covered in the first 5 issues and doesn't require a lot of flipping back and forth, this is on the far horizon, like end of next year.

Book 3 will be a sample Lair for beginning Demonlords and will probably come out around the same time as Book 2.

And what about the miniatures?
Well there was indeed some hard core messing about with the molds and lot's of fun was had without getting injured by molten plastic.
However I found that I definitely need to have some properly machined mold frames, and to make some serious adjustments to the Molder, like adding in some springs so that the Nozzle goes down into the mold, as well as rebuilding the nozzle.
Instead of doing something sensible, like keep on running back to the home shop, I decided to make my own.

Here's the homemade Drill press, and yup it does work okay! Not great but good enough.

And here's the homemade lathe, Just putting the screws on the finished tool post now. Wood and metal construction but yes it has a cross slide, and yes I can set it's angle. 

If I can get my hands on another free drill I'll set up a mill too but in theory I can create a milling arm for the lathe as my molds are small.

So yeah too busy getting everything ready to really have time to talk about it. Sorry folks for the lack of updates. Still alive and doin fine!


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