Thursday, 27 October 2016

LoSS Core Rules Redux is almost here!

Just a quick note to all the blood reavers...

LoSS Core Rules rewritten and expanded!

It's been oh so quiet because I've been oh so busy!
Just finished the massive rewrite, expansion and reorganization of the Core rules.
It's got a final spelling and grammar edit to go and then straight to layout as it's not using any new art except for the cover.

This thing will be here soon!

For all of you who have supported the game and wanted to play but just couldn't untangle the fever dream of meandering rules and editorials that was issues 1 to 5 of the LoSS magazine, this is the book for you.

Containing rules, just the rules, and nothing but the rules it still comes in at a whopping 175 pages of adventure!

Don't stop downloading issues 1-5 though. They still contain alot of stuff not in the Core rewrite.
All the background info on the world and monsters of Kartharka are still only to be found in the issues.
Also a few other things like creating your own spirits and monsters can only be found in the issues.(Sorcery and Veteran issues repectively)

Many of the rules have been changed, simplified, or expanded to all work together seemlessly, and presented in a book written for someone who has never played a Roleplaying game int their life.

Careful explanation of every aspect of the game fills this book and it should be a fantastic read for any interested in the LoSS game, the world of Kartharka, or just sword and sorcery in general.

Thanks for the patience everyone, and once this one is out I'll hopefully finally see some play reports of people actually playing the game.


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