Friday, 26 May 2017

Spooky Room is exploding!

It's bittersweet, but necessary.

Spooky Room is expanding, and moving on, from Blogger.

I wont' bury the lead here. Spooky Room has launched  a great new site!
Here's a few screenshots of the home page!

Okay here's the address check it out right now if you can't wait...

You might notice there's a lot there!
For those of you who read carefully, you'll know that Spooky Room is the production company responsible for Lair of Sword & Sorcery. But there's oh so much more to spooky room.
With all the side projects and subsidiaries on the go at once Spooky Room had to expand to it's own site.

You'll see that there are some familiar departments in the spooky room line, Lair still has a place of pride next to it's fellows. No need to fear, Lair is chugging along still.

For those of you following along, the "Bottled Horrors of the Decanter" book is released by spooky room as well, but with all the new products planned for OSR, it needed it's own label to differentiate them from Lair. Ans so Compatible Spooky comes to the rescue!
You've heard about it for literally years, but the time is nigh! The Injection molder was completed some time ago but needed upgrades to get it up and compatible with the molds. And lo and behold molds are being made as we speak. Research and development continues but I can say that miniatures have been made and just as soon as I have something worth showing you'll hear about it. Look below to our Spooky Room Partner Plourde Miniature company who was able to step in and help with the Warplastic line.

The soundtrack for LoSS issue 6 was just the beginning, expect many more albums and other audio strangeness from Demon Scream Recording.

These lines are for some things that have been floating around for awhile and finally needed a home. If you've met me at conventions you will have seen some of these things for sale before, expect more to be announced soon!

Spooky Room Partners

Spooky room does, at times, need to reach out to others to make things happen. keep an eye on this section to see new exciting things happening. The LoSS shirts will eventually be moved over to the Garb line. The Plourde miniature company is a partnership that allows the Warplastic line to move forward. Death worm books will be partnering with spooky room to publish non-gaming materials, along with their own line of books.

Wow, that's alot to take in all at once!

Great New Website features!

  • There's so much going on at the new site it's hard to keep track of it all!
  • A brand new store to buy print copies of all the Spookyroom gaming materials, direct from Spooky room. With a real shopping cart and combined shipping, as well as options for international shipping (read the FAQ for international shipping)
  • A brand new digital download store to purchase pdfs of all the books as well as the Sorceress of Zhaan album. With it's own shopping cart
  • A new free downloads section. Including: the Kartharka map pack, character sheets, the miniature painting pdf and the demon board upgrades PDF
  • Free previews of all the books before you buy
  • Free preview track of the album before you buy
  • A brand new blog
  • A fresh new look!
  • Color maps of Kartharka, for the first time ever
I hope you'll all follow Spooky Room to the new website as we continue, what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

I hope this isn't goodbye to you, but hello to the future!
A special thanks to all my Blood Reavers who made this massive Juggernaut possible. Don't worry the weird is coming full force again soon.


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