Friday, 19 May 2017

What's Happening with Spooky Room and Lair?

It's been oh so quiet here on the spooky room/lair of sword and sorcery blog,

As usual it means I've been busy, but not with just usual work/family stuff but some pretty epic moves on the part of spooky room (the publisher of Lair of Sword & Sorcery)

There's little I can say at the moment but here's what I can say.

Convention time!

I would have announced this sooner but it was up in the air for a little while whether I'd be there.
Spooky Room is going to be at East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton tomorrow. If you're in the area you'd best drop in. The con is fantastic, there are a pile of great artists to meet and, of course, I"ll be there.
This is your only chance to get all sorts of crazy LoSS loot, original art, all the issues of loss, print copies of the second edition, buy your own demon boards, and so much more.
I'm super duper stoked to be going again this year and if you met me last year and bought the game I'd love to see you again and hear how it went!
I'll be there all Saturday and if you actually know who the heck I am I'll be glad to throw you some extra merch or draw you a picture.

A new Website

Yes a brand spanking new website, we's going pro here at spooky room. The blog has been great but as you can tell from the page, as it stands now, Spooky Room Productions is busting the seams of the blog.
You may have noticed that with things the way they are that I'm no longer shipping anything directly and instead leaving all that stuff up to the likes of Drive Thru RPG.
With the new website you'll be seeing alot of things available direct again.
But wait there's more.
There's so much going on here I can't even list them all but when the new website launches you'll see the whole sprawling Spooky Room empire.

So if you've been following all the great stuff we've been putting out so far then be sure to follow the blog or on G+ right now to hear when all the new stuff launches.

OSR Stuff

Yes there's a lot more osr coming from Spooky Room, once I get a couple more hours to hammer some notes into some real content I'll be starting up a new campaign on Roll20 using Labyrinth Lord.

Taking place in it's own world it has a new take on the classic dungeon crawl, you know, like everyone else. But I'm looking forward to it and you'll see lots of reports and new material published for it. You'll hear all about it here when I'm looking for players.

All that stuff will end up in books that you'll hear all about here.

Miniature time!

Yeah, I know, fans of the blog have been hearing about the miniature line for years.
After years of hammering away in the shed with the mud floors, serious flooding, no heat, and so on and so on, spooky room productions finally built a new production area, the Spooky Shed! An incredibly crude but fully stocked metal shop. 
A brand new injection molder has been built (mighty Caesar failed in the end, all mourn Caesar).
But the newest one is actually up and running!
Production has moved on and spooky room is now creating molds.
Yes that's right! Within the week actual plastic minis will be pouring out of the beast. 
That means that this year you'll be seeing a line of LoSS minis. It's been a long ride but this is the project that kept me from posting for so long.

What about LoSS?

I know, you all saw the OSR stuff appearing and thought, "what about LoSS?". LoSS is stil the flagship on Spookyroom and will always continue on. Production slowed down a bit on new material to get the Second edition rules out but work has begun again on New Material. 
In answer to your most pressing question, Yes! There is a source book for Kartharka on the way! to go along with the 2nd edition rules LoSS needs a source book for the world of Kartharka, but that's a huge project so it's on the far horizon.
There will probably be a couple more issues of the magazine out before that one arrives. one issue or book is in the works on wilderness travel and wilderness encounters, LoSS style.
Another issue in the works is something everyone has been asking for, a bestiary of Demons and spirits for the Sorcerer to take some of the heavy lifting off the shoulders of the Demonlord.

But wait there's more!

Oh so much more! I can't even list all the things spooky room is up to but it's alot!
For those of you who downloaded the Sorceress of Zhaan issue, you already know that spooky room has no fear of the multimedia (did you all even know that the pdf of Zhaan has an built in soundtrack and videos? download it now from Drive Thru). You'll see even more in the future, more albums, more videos, more awesome. 

All the other stuff will have to wait till the website launches but for now you can alll rest assured that spooky room isn't dead, it's more alive than ever.

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