Thursday, 11 December 2014

Issue 2 is Written!

So let it be written, so let it be done!
All of the copy text is written for Issue 2 "The Combat Issue!"

For all fans of Sword and Sorcery The complete Lair of Sword and Sorcery Rules will be appearing in this issue.

Features include:
  • Character Creation
  • Equipment
  • Roleplaying and Combat mode
  • Combat rules
  • The SOTA rules (Something Other Than Attacking)
  • Background for The "capital" of the Winterlands Stroh-Branoch, with map and key features.
  • Character Sheet
  • Amassing your figure collection.
  • The Lair Skirmish game
  • An introductory scenario with tips for beginning Demonlords
The art for this issue is half done so if you would like to see your art in this issue you had better send it in to

Issue 3 will be the Veteran issue, containing rules for:

Pushing your characters to the next Rank,
Balancing the enemy forces for the Demonlord, 
A list of some animals of the Winterlands both helpful and harmful

Issue 4 will tentatively be the long awaited "Sorcery" issue. And will likely be the first "forked" issue, With one version being for the players and the other for the Demonlord.
The "forked" issues are published at the same time, with the players info in a players copy of the issue and the Demonlords info in the Demonlord copy. They will both have the same issue number but with a P for players or D for Demonlord next to the number on the cover.

Concurrent with the regular run of Sword and Sorcery will be a special "Lairs" supplement, containing 10 Lairs to be used for either the Lair Skirmish game or as full blown adventures for your heroes.

Also in the new year my own group of players will be starting their own journey to fame and glory, Their exploits (as well as their advenutures) will be published on a semi regular basis as well in the special campaign issues of the Demonlord fork of Lair of Sword and sorcery. 

Let the adventure begin!

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