Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Lights are out...

What a ride it's been the last couple of months.
The combat issue is coming along, with the last page of illustration on the board and half done as we speak.
Just painting illustrations and designing the maps for the scenarios now.
Thanks everyone for the patient wait for the most important issue of Lair of Sword and Sorcery "The Combat Issue".
Character creation, combat, equipment, combat rules, scenarios, a beginning lair, the map for the first setting location of "Stroh Branoch" largest city in the winter lands, It's a big issue.

But real life happens, my day job is going to be crazy for the next week, and home life too as all those little things to make the season bright take up time.

So work on the issue will continue a bit during the next two weeks but the blogs, face books etc will be going dark for two weeks.

I hope to see everyone back in the New Year as we launch issue 2, The retailer site should be up by then, you may be able to buy issues online, the Hub site should be refreshed with a new layout and content.

The next year should see the rest of the game roll out, The veteran issue, the sorcery issue, and the Demon Lord versions of the issues should be coming out concurrently.

You should also see a small scenario collection of starting scenarios as well as larger supplements detailing the travails of my own group of players.

So Happy Yule everyone, and a Happy New Year!

PS (Crandall and I will be spending the holidays doing the fun things, like making cookies, painting ornaments, and visiting friends, everyone take a few days off the internet to do the same, I highly recommend everyone else do the same, take some time away to see the real people, the internet people will still be there when you get back)

PPS I heard that some people could not find Lair of Sword and Sorcery at the Heroes Beacon in Saint John (see the where to buy link for full address). It's in the comic section, usually on the Right hand side at the top,


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