Friday, 26 December 2014

Post Hoiday Update

And We're Back!
Hope everyone had a Mighty Christmas!
Work has fired up for issue 2 again and good news for my group,

I'm working on the first round of adventures.

The Tales of Wild Adventure Issue!

They will be a series of Introductory scenarios for beginning characters taking place in the area of the treacherous Valley of Fangs.
All within a weeks travel of Stroh Branoch they will be a way for the group to get to know the world of Kartharka and the dangers it holds. The first 5 scenarios will likely be published as it's own issue either before or after the Sorcery issue.

"Role playing" guidelines
It will also include guidelines for "doing things in town" and doing things with people "other than attack".
This issue will include things like interacting with the local shops, encountering people at the inn, on the road, or even finding a friendly in the middle of a Lair.
Experienced Role players would not require such guidelines but I want Lair to be an inclusive game for all those people who always wanted to try Role playing
games but felt that it was either too difficult or that the people they found took things "too seriously" to be fun.

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