Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Campaign design underway...

Crafting the first linked set of Scenarios for Lair and it's going splendidly.
As we see in the combat rules each scenario needs certain things like: objective, reward, punishment, and special features.
First I write about a pager of notes in a notebook detailing the whole plot.
1 page should be more than enough...
Then I quickly sketch maps detailing roughly how many "rooms" are in each scenario and how they are connected.
Then I quickly turn my notes into a special feature for the scenario.
The special feature will usually suggest a few special places, enemies, and items to populate the place.
I then look to the Ranking system from the upcoming Veteran issue to balance the encounters.
If my special feature or number of combats seem too difficult for the heroes, or if I want to use more enemies than the party number would allow, I will make some followers available to enter the Lair with them.
So last night I sat down, wrote my notes, sketched my maps and wrote up the special features of the first scenario. Took a couple of hours.
Not bad.
I should be able to finish the further special objectives tonight.
I am running into some interesting things in the first one because it takes place in a forest.
I have a few ideas how to represent this using card walls or dungeon blocks but will also likely break out some construction paper to make "trees".
More coming soon!

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