Monday, 23 February 2015

Quick Issue 3 update

Just wanted to do a quick update on the status of issue 3.
The writing is well ahead of schedule and I am now up to populating and stating up the fierce denizens of the Winterlands.
Frost Bears and lighting cats, and maybe a few two legged enemies.
Since the writing is blasting full steam ahead I am putting it on hold and flipping back into art mode for the next couple of weeks, maps and pictures and tables oh my!
Also going to finish writing up the next Scenario so the players can all have a doozy of a time pitting their wits against a little fiendish sorcery and otherworld craziness.
I also had an epiphany on how to write good quality Sword and Sorcery scenarios for Lair. I realized a few key things that I do when writing them up and this should appear in an article of interest soon.
Luckily the group and the campaign is caught up to the basics of the game and we can now start hacking away at all of the rules appearing in the Veteran issue.
So far the rules have held up to actual play with a little bit of tweaking to the ranking system coming out in the Veteran issue, and one big rule change to the Sota rules which will be appearing there. 
I should have a post written for that one soon just working on a rules specific wording for it.
It will also appear in the issue for completeness sake.

So enjoy, get your own band of heroes together and start having fun. Make the Winterlands your own, fill it with what works for you.


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