Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Next issue announced!

Well it's been a little quiet on the LoSS magazine front lately.
Sorry guys little bit of the Holiday monster rearing it's head.

But now that the home game is back on track I know at least a few people can take advantage of me writing up some new stuff!

Issue 6(?) Brytax

So concurrent with the big redesign of the Core rules I'm now circling back to work on the Brytax issue.

I finally getting around to filling in some big open places on the map. The Brytax issue will take the heroes through a big chunk of the Winterlands to investigate the great Tree Brytax by finding the lost pass through the foothills and peaks Zolar, the dark summit.

There's lots of great horribleness waiting for them on the way as they travel roads only remembered in forgotten legend.

It'll probably be issue 6 or 7 depending on when the Core rules are finished up.

LoSS redux (issue 7?)

Speaking of the Core rules, they are shaping up nicely.
I'm still in the lengthy process of reorganizing everything. It looks like there will be a lot of new writing to be done, no rules are getting added to the game but presentation will be alot more orderly (the game is not referred to as a fever dream by more then one reviewer for no reason).
And a lot of the material will need to be rewritten to fit the format of a single book.

I'm also thinking about including all the extra material from the lairs and articles of interest from the website just to have everything in one place.

But not to worry all, the pdf's will still be pay what you wants so you can all pick up the new version of LoSS without breaking the bank.

Injection molder moving forward!

This one has been in the works even longer than LoSS itself.
I've got a new chamber for the injection molder and a new shaft.
I still have a lot of welding to do but this one's shaping up to have a chance of working.
Of course so have the last 3 prototypes but it's the adventure we're here for right!

So rock on my Blood Reavers! Ripley is energized and ready for the New Year and lot's of new LoSS stuff.

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