Wednesday, 7 December 2016

LoSS core rules are coming! I swear!

LoSS Core Rules still coming soon!

With the writing of the LoSS Core rules I was going to originally just have the rules, only the rules, and nothing but the rules.

But once your a year into a project you can't help adding a few things to make it complete!

Also to be included in LoSS Core Rules:

Just kidding, but alot

. I decided to include the bestiary and the guidelines for creating your own monsters, enemies and spirits. Both to make the book a complete roleplaying game, and because the Sorcery rules cross reference the spirit creation rules so much it was just easier to put them in than to completely rewrite something new for the book.

Also included are some more things to make the book a complete role-playing game:

I wanted the Core rules to be readable and understood by anyone, not just people already playing role-playing games.
So I included things like:
An example of play, a few pages describing a typical game of Lair
A brand new campaign just for this book "Spider Time" specifically written to introduce the new game master to roleplaying and to explain the rules as you go along.
A "how to get started" section, describing just enough of the game so the players and Demonlord don't have to read the whole book before playing their first game (It's at about 150 pages at the moment)

I also didn't want people to have to go and download all the issues of LoSS and have to read them before making use of the Core book, so included in Core is the "Super Simple" Demonboard instructions, just good enough for your first few games.

Also included is a new and improved Demonlord screen,

And so much More!

New Templates, new character sheets, New Everything!

Are the rules the same?

Yes and no. The rules have been completely rewritten to refer to each other more accurately, and many of the gaps in the original game have been filled in, for example there is now a "movement" and "The Turn" section in the book.
Some things have been changed slightly to take into account the later rules changes which occurred between issues 1 and 5, some things have been slightly re balanced, the armor system is the same but presented differently.

Mostly the new rules are more in line with what I meant the rules to be the first time, as opposed to how they were written in the books before.

How much left to do?

Almost done, again. The book is in it's fourth draft now and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, else I intend to add. The final markup has been finished so it's just going in and fixing all the edits, typos etc. I also have one last photo shoot. So a week or two. You know the usual lies.

Review Copies

Yep this one is going to be a regular priced download, for $1.99. Which I think is fair considering it is a completel role-playing game. If you are a reviewer out there who wants to do a rewiew then let me know and I'll hook you up with a reviewer copy when the book is released.

Hopefully you'll be hearing from me Soon my Blood Reavers!


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