Friday, 16 December 2016

LoSS Core rules Released, Get it Now!

Well here we are!
The 2nd edition of LoSS is finally here! This Core rulebook contains all the rules from the first 5 issues of LoSS magazine and so much more!

It's a complete roleplaying game all in one book, the rules are meant to be used with the Sword and Sorcery world of Kartharka detailed in the LoSS magazine. But any world will do, make up your own or use one you already have.

For those of you already in on the secret of LoSS you'll be glad to see these rules are fully revised, edited and expanded, with a full table of Contents!
Also included are some instructions for a super simple demonboard to get you by till you make a full demonborrd as described in issue 1.

New players will find they can jump in right away without reading all the rules. They can read the first section "the basics" and jump right in to playing the LoSS Skirmish game also included in the book.

When the players have learned enough of the rules they can use the included example hero or make their own to play the included campaing "spider time".

Want to learn more? Go check it out at Drive Thru RPG now!

Now that the hard sell is out of the way I want to thank all of you who have supported the game for so long, I couldn't have made it this far without you. Special thanks to +Raymond Saulnier +Adam Muszkiewicz +avantpulp +kreg Mosier +Donn Stroud +edchuk sockmonkey +Mike Evans and everyone in the LoSS playtest group.

And all the rest of you who have commented +1'd, shared, reshared or downloaded the game.
Here's to a wild new year!

To all my Blood Reavers, I salute you!

~Ripley Stonebrook

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